Organic Cotton Fiber

Organic cotton is an ecologically responsible and green fiber. Unlike conventional cotton, which uses more chemicals than any other crop, it is never genetically modified and does not use any highly polluting agro-chemicals such as those found in pesticides, herbicides and many fertilizers. Integrated soil and pest management techniques—such as crop rotation and introducing natural predators of cotton pests—are practiced in organic cotton cultivation.

organic cotton fiber

All organic cotton growers must have their cotton fiber certified according to governmental organic farming standards, such as those of the National Organic Program of the USDA or the EEC’s Organic Regulation. Each year, both land and crops must be inspected and certified by internationally reputable certifying bodies.

The organic fibers used in our fabrics are certified by IMO, Control Union, or Ecocert, to name a few. Many of our fabrics are also certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by these approved certification bodies. We offer solid tracking records and clear traceability on each lot we receive or ship.